As a reptilian species, the Tortoise has held the fascination of so many people, in and out of the scientific community, because of its ability to live for more than a hundred years. In the same light, the Feng Shui tortoise is the perfect symbol of longevity, which is why various Feng Shui items are made in its shape, to help maintain good health for long life. The tortoise holds the position of the north, as it also protects the north quadrant. It represents winter and its element is water. The Feng Shui tortoise holds a great significance in longevity, stability, support, and good health.

How to Use

  • To create a sense of wellbeing and long life for all family members, place brass tortoise in the East sector of your house.
  • For those who are plagued with chronic illnesses, brass tortoise is a good cure.
  • To protect against dangers and prevent accidents for family members, place this tortoise at your main entrance, facing outside.
  • For good business and career, this brass tortoise is to be placed in the north corner of the living room, dining room, or office. This provides good fortune and stability.
  • Placing this brass tortoise at the top of your bed will prevent anxieties associated with sleeping and insomnia. It will also calm children who are afraid to sleep in their own bedrooms.

Available in different Sizes.