Lifebuoy Ring

  1. Size:
    • Overall length: 20′ 6″
    • Breadth: 4′ 6″ at the center
    • Overall depth: 1′ 10″
    • Inside depth: 1′ 4″
  2. Weight: 200 kg approx. for the hull without the seating system
  3. Cargo weight: 1000 kg
  4. Wall thickness: FRP laminate of approx. 5 to 7 mm with stiffeners on the floor and sides
  5. Seat: 6 to 10 passenger
  6. Color: as per request
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  1. Low maintenance.
  2. No caulking, no leaks. Hulls are one continuous piece of FRP with no joints or gaps to allow water into the hull.
  3. No plank shrinkage when laid up. Wooden hulls suffer from plank shrinkage when brought out of the water and laid up in the sun.
  4. FRP does not shrink or swell so leakage and re-caulking are avoided.
  5. Rot proof and resistant to borers. FRP is non-organic and will not rot. As a plastic it cannot be eaten by marine borers.
  6. Corrosion and electrolysis reduced. FRP is inert. As a plastic it will not corrode.
  7. FRP laminated boat has no adverse effect on the flora and fauna of the water
  8. The listed price is for the standard rowing boat with 5 bench sitting system. Any changes or modification to the boat will change the final price
  9. Price is ex-factory. Delivery price from the factory to the client side will be added on need to basis.


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