This pirate ship block contains 714 pcs per box.Each box contains 8 mini figure.All the figures can be assembled freely and the head and weapon can be removed.This pirate ship is made up of two parts: the hull and the sail.The hull has about 6 cannons, one cannon in the stern, anchor and chain.More door, window box rudder and other details.There are four sails.All the sails are connected by a rope.Each sail has a different number of pirate heads.At the bow of the boat there is an extra long bar attached to the sail.Each mast is topped with a different number of pirate flags.The sail and hull can be connected by a white net. The model of this block is lifelike, with many pieces, high play ability and excellent workmanship.ABS environment-friendly non-toxic plastic is adopted to exercise children’s brain power and their hands-on ability.


Warning: Small parts unsuitable for Children under 3 years old

  • Each part of blocks toys test by professional machine, to ensure the tightness and accuracy when children play.
  • All the block toys suitable for family and school teaching, it can improve children ability & imagination.
  • This block is interesting, attractive, intelligent, designed by our professional team.
  • It can strengthen relation between kids & their parents, help children grow health.
  • During the game, let the children enjoy the fun of free building blocks, exercise the wisdom of the child’s brain, and the child’s hands-on ability.
  • By assembling one model, your child will have fun in learning, enjoy the joy of success and the confidence that is admired.